About Decipial© Proximity Platform

At Decipial Proximity Platform©, we pride ourselves on providing an innovative Edge Network infrastructure and software platform that forms the bedrock for robust blockchain hosting services. Our focus lies in delivering low-latency solutions, localized traffic management, and the provision of computing resources in close proximity to end-users.

The synergy between edge computing and blockchain technology forms the cornerstone of our services. These cutting-edge technologies collectively address the evolving needs of scalability, security, and decentralization. Our versatile platform allows for swift adaptation, catering to diverse blockchain platforms and projects globally.

Decipial Platform© embodies a distributed network spanning multiple DC Clusters. This structure serves as the quintessential platform for Web3, transcending geographical borders and regulatory confines. We ensure independence from local governance, industrial influences, and financial structures.

The Fastest Innovative Blockchain Solution

The platform that provides the highest speed for blockchain-based infrastructure equals to several seconds.
We help companies build networks with the flexibility and scalability that they need to be ready for the IoT and the future of the digital world.

Decipial© blockchain-powered SDN-enabled networking infrastructure provides the integration between blockchain-based security and autonomy management layer and multi-controller SDN networking layer is defined to enhance the integrity of the control and management messages.

Infrastructure for a Validation of Blocks

Consensus, as a key aspect in blockchain, involves determining the ordering of events in a network and coming to agreement on that order. A node which contributes to the network by doing work needed to “seal” the blocks of transactions and thus confirm them, producing new coins in the process. In modern blockchain systems, this process requires specifically configured hardware.

Decipial© Proximity Platform provides infrastructure deployment for both types of consensus mechanisms in various blockchain networks: proof of work (PoW) and proof of stake (PoS). Servers’ configuration is determined based on the customer’s technical project for each specific blockchain.